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ss 8572

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Designated Agency Within 36 hours of receipt of Form SS 8572 send white copy to police or sheriff s department blue copy to county welfare or probation department and green copy to district attorney s office. Leginfo. ca.gov/calaw. html specify Penal Code and search for Sections 11164-11174. 3. A mandated reporter must complete and submit the form SS 8572 even if some of the requested information is not known. PC Section 11167 a. ETHNICITY CODES 1 Alaskan Native 2 American Indian 3 Asian...
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Hi calculo 88 lounsberry here and I wanted to offer you a quick tip for your child abuse central index cravens here in case now when you're asking for the evidence that the county has or the government has against you you're going to want to ask for a form called the SS 8570 to form that's the I don't know it's just the number or the the tag they give this form what this form is called now this form is the form that mandated reporters are required to fill out when they send a report of suspected child abuse to the government and the reason why you want to get a copy of this form is because it will give you sort of the reporters take on what happened it will be in the reporters own words now they'll end up hiding the the reporters identity but you want to see what it is they were reporting and so the SS 85 72 is something that you want to request a copy of from the county when you are getting a copy of the evidence in your case and that would be very helpful to you to give you an idea as to what exactly it is that they are that are that they are accusing you of and that is your khaki quick tip for the day
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